Frequently Asked Questions


CapitolV is a community and prefers owner occupancy. If there are circumstances under which you need to lease your unit, it must be for a minimum of 12 months. See additional information below related to restrictions on rentals.


The Main Street access codes will be updated in October and forwarded to all owners and residents of 1520-30 Main Street.

Do NOT attach realtor lock boxes to this gate. They will be removed. If you need to put your condominium on the market and are unable to provide your realtor with access, please contact a member of the Board of Directors for instructions. In mid-2023, we will be adding a unique code for realtors.


Service vehicles can park in the marked service vehicle spot at the back side of the 1520 garage on a first-come-first-served basis. All other spots in the parking lot and parking garage are reserved 24 hours a day. No vehicle should remain in this parking spot for more than an hour without the express permission of the management company or approval by a member of the Board of Directors. A sign should be placed in the front window of the vehicle noting the unit to which services are being provided. Vehicles parked illegally are subject to towing.

The HOA rents out 13 parking spaces along the chain link fence in the back of the parking lot.


Per the master deed, construction should be performed during “reasonable daytime hours.” Only “reputable and licensed contractors” should be employed to perform work in your unit.

Construction and other heavy vehicles above 7.5 tons are not permitted to access the rear parking lot of without approval of the signers of the covenants and easements. Once approved, the owners of these vehicles or the entity requesting permission, must provide liability insurance specific to the lot and the project.

In 2012, a Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions and grant of Easements was signed by owners of all properties adjacent to a central easement through which all vehicular traffic flows. For more information, contact Barbara Rackes or Reg Taylor


There is NO SMOKING in the courtyard.

Please do not walk your pets in the courtyard.

To gain access to the roof, use the stairwell for HVAC service, contact a member of the CapitolV Board of Directors at least 48 hours in advance.

If you need your HVAC unit replaced, you must contact a member of the CapitolV Board of Directors at least 48 hours in advance so that the sprinkler system can be disabled.


Article 9, Section 9.4 of the Master Deed, titled “Unit Restrictions” restricts leasing of units.

“Any Owner will have the right to lease or rent his Unit; provided, however, that all leases and rental contracts will be for a duration of twelve months or more and will be in writing and will require the lessee to abide by all conditions and restrictions placed on the use and occupancy of the Unit and the Common Area by the Regime Documents. The Board of Directors will have the right to approve the form of all such leases and rental contracts at any time if it elects to do so. Occupancy by a tenant or renter under any such approved form of lease or rental contract is subject to continuing approval of the Board thereunder, which may be removed at any time by the Board for any violation by any such tenant or renter of the Rules and Regulations of the Association.”

Documents related to renter agreements that meet the terms above may be obtained from any member of the CapitolV Board.